Welcome to CBridge 2.0

I started this CBridge because I am very interested in DMR, and have been using it for 4 years (at the time of this post). I have a backyard repeater in Grapevine, TX – and after putting 2 more repeaters in the air, in both Corsicana and Hillsboro, TX – I decided it was time to upgrade my system and purchase my own CBridge.

The CBridge is an incredibly powerful tool. I haven’t learned all of its abilities yet, but I am having fun with the learning process. A special thanks to the guys at BridgeCom Systems for the great price on the CBridge software, and for help with setting it up.

I welcome anyone to connect up to this system. I have talkgroups from DMRX, DCI, LonestarNet, PRN, PADMR, Bronx-TRBO, DMR-MARC and Brandmeister.  I’m looking forward to seeing how this system grows!




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  1. Jay says:

    Looking for a place to house 2 repeaters up here is CT that I can get CT SW and my BM TG on. Great job on your setup Jason. Keep up the good work.

  2. Joel T. Rodriguez says:

    Hi Jason, My name is Joel and my call is n6toc, I live in El Paso,Texas and been in the communications business for several years until back in the late 90’s was forced to quit my business
    due to Nextel taking all my customers and leave me with a huge overhead cost of the repeaters site that I could no longer afford at the time, I applied to work at Dish Network company and
    retired from there back in 2016 and now I just live a quiet live and try to stay busy doing what I like the most that is repairing and maintaining the ham repeaters that I own plus the ones from the
    local ham club that Am a member and secretary of it too the Bilingual Digital Radio Club (BDRC) here in El Paso,Texas. You been in contact with wa5ufo Henry Garza our local contact and trustee and owner of the wa5ufo Yaesu Fusion repeater on Socorro,Texas in the frequency of 444.850 + Analog and C4FM, He works for the Socorro Independent School district in charge of the communications department.
    He has dedicated a lot of time and effort to help us in this DMR project for our club and myself on installing and maintaining our ham repeaters, I personally thank you for your work and the spirit of help notorious of us hams also if is there anything that we can help please don’t hesitate to give us a shout. my Email Address: n6toc @yahoo.com cell# 915-500-2042
    Thanks again.
    Joel T. Rodriguez n6toc Secretary of the Bilingual Digital Radio Club (BDRC)

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