Welcome to CBridge 2.0

I started this CBridge because I am very interested in DMR, and have been using it for 4 years (at the time of this post). I have a backyard repeater in Grapevine, TX – and after putting 2 more repeaters in the air, in both Corsicana and Hillsboro, TX – I decided it was time to upgrade my system and purchase my own CBridge.

The CBridge is an incredibly powerful tool. I haven’t learned all of its abilities yet, but I am having fun with the learning process. A special thanks to the guys at BridgeCom Systems for the great price on the CBridge software, and for help with setting it up.

I welcome anyone to connect up to this system. I have talkgroups from DMRX, DCI, LonestarNet, PRN, PADMR, Bronx-TRBO, DMR-MARC and Brandmeister.  I’m looking forward to seeing how this system grows!




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